Course in Ableton Live spring 2018

Introductory course 23, 24th and 25th of April

Extension course 2nd and 3rd of May

Every day at 10-14.30

Teacher: Bernt Isak Wærstad

Introductory course
This course is intended for those who are completely fresh in Ableton Live or feel they need refreshment in basic functions. The course takes place in 3×4 hours (lunch break ads to that) where the 1st part will cover basic features and use of the software, part 2 will focus on production and composition and part 3 on live performances and use of Live/laptop as instrument.

Extension course
This course is for those who master the basic use of Ableton Live and are looking to explore some more advanced features. We will look at the practical use of Live in various fields of performing arts, live performances and live sound. There will be a brief introduction to Max/MSP programming and Max for Live, multi-channel audio, Qlab integration and examples of using Arduino with different sensors and engines.

Juno Jensen arbeider med Ableton i et multikanals oppsett

Requirements for introductory course

  • Laptop with Ableton Live 9 or 10 (Standard or Suite)
  • Sound card with minimum 1 mic preamp
  • Headset (preferably some quality and not iphone plugs)
  • 1 microphone w / XLR cable
  • Minimum 1 MIDI Controller

(Optional): An instrument you are interested in combining with Ableton Live

Requirements for extension course

  • Laptop with Ableton Live 9 or 10 Suite (We’ll use Max for Live)
  • Sound card with minimum 4 audio outputs (for single multi-channel setup)
  • Headset (preferably some quality and not iphone plugs)
  • Minimum 1 MIDI Controller

If you have an Arduino and some sensors/LEDs etc., you are welcome to bring it for the course, but it is not required. The course is based mainly on Live 9, since Live 10 is new and yet a bit unstable, but if there is time (and interest), we’ll take a quick look at the most exciting changes in Live 10.

Introduction course NOK1800, – extension 1200, – Assembly package 2800, –

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Bernt Isak Wærstad

About the teacher:
Bernt Isak Wærstad (1984) is a musician, sound artist, programmer and instrument designer with a master in music technology from NTNU. As a practitioner, he operates in a variety of genres such as electro-acoustic free improvisation, noise and art rock. He is a key member of a number of different constellations such as “Vingelklang”, “Tapewind”, “Shõkõgun”, “T-EMP” and “COSMO Collective”. Wærstad is part of Partikkel Audio, which is behind the development of “Hadron Particle Synthesizer” and one of the initiators behind “The COSMO Project”, an open-source, open-hardware framework for designing and building own programmable instruments. In the recent years, Wærstad has expanded his praxis towards the stage scene, where he has been engaged in a number of projects, recently on “New Skin” – shown at the Ultimafestival 2017 – where he was engaged as instrument builder, sound designer and performing sound engineer. Technology and art are at the core of Wærstad’s work, his work is a quest or balance point between the two. Wærstad is a university lecturer employee in live electronics and instrument design at NTNU and NMH.