KISS 2016

The eighth annual KISS (Kyma International Sound Symposium) takes place on the 7th-10. September Leicester in England and in 2016 titled “Emergence.” Joran Rudi and sound artist Anders Tveit travel to Leicester and University DeMontfort and four days of intensive Kyma-new, learning, discussions and concerts. The symposium offers research presentations, workshops, demonstrations and live performances of Kyma experts from Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, UK and USA, as well as master classes presented by chymase creators.

Symbolic Sound, De Montfort University Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities; Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre and Performance Research Group invites participants to educational days, new inspiration and nurturing network of international colleagues and friends.

KISS 2016 looks including the ways in which technology and music are mutually interrelated. For example, one can experience The Artificial Brain, an artificial intelligence created by rubbish, sensors and genetic algorithms, created in Kyma, Franz Danksagmüller and John Mantegna. Or Jake Harper and Alan Jackson that presents project AMNMA, an app that takes the vowels in your name and then put them back together according to rules of rhyme in classical Chinese poetry and plays them as korsamples, triggered in Kyma via the use of an innovative multi sampling tool developed by guru Gustav Scholder and Christian Vogel. See more examples of what is afoot at facebook / KISS!

KISS 2017 will be organized by the Norwegian Academy of music, Victoria Jazzscene, Teknisk museum and Notam.

Kyma is a powerful tool for working with sound design, widely used for both movies and games, and real-time working with sound. Kyma has much in common with applications Max, PD and Reactor, but unlike Max timeline, its unique algorithms and dedicated hardware.