Lecture 4

Control assignment for the tutorial Designing Equations

In this exercise we will look at scaling and different forms for mathematical equations. The expr object enables us to write mathematical equations directly into a Max patch, and can be important in solving problems.

Go through the tutorial Designing Equations and the corresponding tutorial patch.Should any points be unclear to you, go back and repeat, and if there are objects where you don’t understand the function, read the reference or help file for the object.

Work through the different parts of the patch, and make sure that you understand how all the different parts work. When you are ready, proceed to the assignment.

Assignment 20

Create the following, simple equation:

“y” is a number that is being sent into the equation during start up. Connect a bang object to the patch in order to trigger a new calculation. The first time the equation is triggered, the result will be y/2. The second time, the result will be (y/2)/2. The third time the result will be ((y/2)/2)/2, and so on. In other words, “y” must be replaced with the result from the previous calculation.

Objects introduced in this tutorial: