Lecture 4

Control assignment for the tutorial Controlling Data Flow

This exercise looks at how you can control the data streams in a patch. The exercise also takes a look at how you can make user interfaces for controlling data streams.

Go through the tutorial Controlling Data Flow and the corresponding tutorial patch.Should any points be unclear to you, go back and repeat, and if there are objects where you don’t understand the function, read the reference or help file for the object.

Work through the different parts of the patch and ascertain that you have a good grasp of the different parts and how they work. When ready, proceed to the assignment.

Assignment 19

Create a patch with three parts. Integers should pass through each of the parts, but they should be routed differently.

19.1 Part 1 should have four inputs and one output. Input selection is done with with radio buttons.

19.2 Part 2 should have one input and four outputs. Output selection is done with radio buttons.

19.3 Part 3 should have two inputs and four outputs. A graphical interface chooses both inputs and outputs.