Pedal workshop: FORM2 by BandOrg/Pladask Elektrisk

12th-13th of May, 11am to 5pm at Notam


FORM1 was just the start of a beautiful pedal adventure. This year we have further outdone ourselves and will soon launch a monster of a pedal, with 4 sound banks and enough room for 32 programs. You can only get this pedal by attending BandOrg’s workshop with Pladask Elektrisk.

Photo: BandOrg – Gitcha feelz on whit FORM2

About the pedal
FORM2 has no less than four banks with a total of 32 programs. 24 of the programs are made of Pladask Elektrisk, and offer a nice selection of granular sounds, time manipulation (timestretch), tape simulator, looping effects in the vein of CT5. The eight remaining program slots are left for your own use. FORM2 is developed and manufactured by Pladask Elektrisk for (and in close cooperation with) BandOrg. The pedal is based on SpinSemi`s reverb chip FV-1, which you will find in a variety of fine pedals from foreign pedalists such as Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Dr. Scientist, Earthquaker Devices, Mr. Black, Red Panda, Hologram Electronics, Cooper Fx, Catlinbread and more.

What sounds does it make?
FORM2 has three sound banks with 24 preinstalled programs. Bank 4 is intended for your own programs (8 programs). Bank 1 and 2 contain brand new programs, while bank 3 contains the programs from FORM1. So what kind of new sounds does FORM2 have? The first sound bank contains programs in the category “Time Stretch” where you’ll find “Time Stretch Random Pedulum” and “Beat Repeater”. The second audio library contains programs in the “Granular Synthesis” category, including “Random Octave/Direction Sample Playback” and “Grain Shuffle/Mask” and “1 Head Octave Sample Playback”. At the workshop you will learn to program your own effects, you will get an introduction to the use of software and hardware needed to communicate with the FV-1 chip.

Pladask Elektrisk
Pladask Elektrisk is a pedal workshop from Bergen, operated by Knut Olai Mjøs Helle. Knut Olai is educated in music technology at NTNU and has produced pedals under the company name Pladask Elektrisk since 2014. All his pedals encourage unorthodox sound manipulation and leaves space for experimentation. The pedals are produced by hand in Bergen.

What do you need
The assembly of FORM2 involves some soldering work. It is therefore an advantage if you have some soldering experience. You must bring your own solder station. The tip should not be too large (chisel tip recommended). Also, bring a needle nose pliers, cutting pliers (wire stripper if you have), wrench and both Philips and flat screwdrivers.

Dates, times and places:
* Bergen, 17th-18th of March 11am to 5pm, @BEK – Bergen Center for Electronic Art
* Trondheim, 14th-15th of April 11am to 5pm, @WorkWork
* Oslo, 12th-13th of May, 11am to 5pm, @notam

Price and sign-up
The participant fee is 2 500 kroner (per person per workshop). You sign up via the registration form on the bottom of this page! Enrollment is financially binding. Registration deadline is up to 1 week before the workshop.