Pictures from new premises

Notam moved into new premises at Sagene on May 21, and after six week of unpacking, building and installing, we are beginning to see the end of a moving project that has been planned since 2009! We are very excited about our new surroundings and the potential the premises have to create an environment which is inspiring to many – the key word is interdisciplinarity.

One of the real benefits in comparison to our old premises in Nedre gate is the extended environment realized through the establishment of the Studio Collective –an organisation of composers and artists who will be renting offices in the same premises as Notam. The Norwegian Composers Union will be using two offices – and NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists) one office – on a permanent basis. Another six offices are open for any interested artists who would like to have their working place in this environment.

The gallery below gives a first impression of our new premises – courtesy of photographer Åsa Maria Mikkelsen. We hope to see many of you here after the summer holidays – there will be much activity with an opening week in the end of August, many courses and workshops, concerts, presentations and much more.

The relocation of Notam and the installment of the new premises has been realized through the support of Rom for kunst.