Ewa Jacobsson: GANGEN

Composer and artist: Ewa Jacobsson
Place: Bjørnsletta school
Date: Permanent, opened when school started in August 2014

A site specific permanent installation at Bjørnsletta's new school building

GANGEN is made of concrete sound/ field recordings from the school environment between pupils in all classes at the school; up to 30 year old field recordings, visual processing, texts, and recording and visual processing of objects. An outdoor microphone also sends real-time sound to GANGEN, and mixes with the rest of the sound material.

The composition is adapted to the house’s own acoustics and how sound moves there from seven sources and in relation to who should go through it. It works like a live mix that is always going to change.

Ewa Jacobsson did the sound first at Notam’s studio and later on-site in parallel with the visual. She listened to, altered and mastered the sound composition in relation to the room.

Photo: Ewa Jacobsson