Ståle Stenslie – Voice Catcher

Where: Atelier Nord ANX
When: October 3. - 19. 2014
Concept and artwork: Ståle Stenslie
Sound design: Koka Nikoladze
Programming: Thom Johansen

Sound installation

Ståle Stenslie‘s installation “Voice Catcher” consists of 25 speakers and an interactive golden sphere capable of changing the soundscape when touched. The holophonic sound creates a field of experience involving 77 different monologues that overlap, and change with the visitor’s movements.
The many monologues represent a variety of reactions to one’s own demise: there are moral sermons, ethical violations, rational reflections as well as emotional reactions, group thinking and individuality, the sum of which is conceived of as a monument over diversity and the forces that rip and tear at us in the battle for building a society. An unpredictable dialog in constant change.

The sensors in the interactive sphere were implemented at Notam and programmed by Thom Johansen.

Ståle Stenslie is a central figure in the electronic arts scene both in Norway and internationally. He works as an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art and interaction experiences. His aesthetic focus is on art and artistic expressions that challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. He represented Norway at the 5th Istanbul Biennale. Professor of Art and Technology at Aalborg University, he has lectured and exhibited extensively at a number of international events.

07 Stahl Stenslie – the VoiceCatcher from nikoladze on Vimeo.

Foto: Atelier Nord ANX