SuperCollider workshop: Algorithmic composition using patterns

Date: 24th of January, 5pm-7pm

Price: free

In this workshop, Mads Kjeldgaard (composer, artist and Notam-employee) will teach you the basics of the powerful and vast pattern library of SuperCollider.

We will cover algorithmic composition in SuperCollider and you will leave the workshop with a small algorithmic composition and an idea of how to write algorithmic music.

The subjects covered in the workshop are:
* What are patterns?
* Live coding patterns
* Value patterns
* Event patterns
* Tonality/scales in patterns
* Tempo

This workshop will be very hands-on, so please bring a laptop with SuperCollider and the sc3-plugins preinstalled (test if your setup works before the workshop, please) so that you can start writing algorithmic music immediately.

No experience with SuperCollider or programming in general is required to participate in this workshop.

Everyone is welcome!