The Touchables and Pain Jerk: Dots Kinematiks

Kohei Gomi a.k.a. Pain Jerk has spent the last few weeks at Notam composing a piece, Dots Kinematiks, which will be performed together with the chamber orchestra The Touchables at Atelier Nord ANX. This is happening on Thursday 30 November at 7pm with Notam on live sound. NB: A limited number of seats.

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The Touchables plays acoustically, with an electronic approach exploring “extreme” registres and pitches, on the boundaries of infra- and ultrasound. Within lies some of the motivation to order a work from Pain Jerk on his approach to analog synth. Dots Kinematiks is a pioneering work in terms of frequencies in the extreme ends of the registers, from the octobass deepest tone to the brightest of the picoletto violin, a frequency range from 16hz to more than 20,000hz.

The work will also consider the audience’s experience in terms of what the work makes the audience feel. Frequencies below the ear’s hearing limit is picked up the body, providing an expanded experience and triggering other perception processes than the auditive and visual.

Pain Jerk is one of the most influential and productive artists within Japanese noise. He is one of the leading characters in the dynamic style of Japanese noise next to artists such as Merzbow and Kazumoto Endo. He runs the record company AMP (3) and is a member of the noise group Gomikawa Fumio.

The chamber orchestra The Touchables consists of some of Norway’s best performers in contemporary music, improvisational music, jazz, rock, baroque and classical. The orchestra was founded in April 2015 and has a flexible and changing crew, depending on the repertoire and project.

Hanne Rekdal – double bass bassoon and flute
Gjertrud Pedersen – double bass clarinet
Laura Marie Rueslåtten – all kinds of bells
Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen – percussion
Kari Rønnekleiv – string instruments
Ole-Henrik Moe – string instruments and double bass trombone
Katrine Schiøtt – cello
Magnus Nergaard – double bass
Guro Skumsnes Moe – octobass
Kohei Gomi – analog synth

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Kohei Gomi composing at Notam. Photo: Astrid Midtbø