Courses by BandORG

Courses for all of you interested in building and learning more about the functions of electronic components for use in music! Very educational, AND you get your own crafted and fully functional box.

Build your own live sampler 24th of September at 10-17. Register

This one is an 8-bit sampler with an integrated clock which can be manually changed, plus micro SD card for storage and transmission. Sounds and MIDI channels can be used simultaneously, the samples can be processed in real time, and you control everything with buttons and pots. It is possible to modify the sampler by changing components or by hacking software, which is open source. The sampler has plexiglas enclosure so that you can admire the electronics on the finished WTPA2-one. The workshop is led by Terje Winther, who has extensive experience with synthesizers, soldering and instrument construction. He plays in the band WintherStormer, and has toured Europe with his synths and samplers. He has built many kits and have been testing out this sampler.

Registration deadline is on Monday 19th of September.

Midi Controls Workshop with Cpt. Credible 8th of October at 10AM-5PM. Register

The MIDI controller has a built-in LFO and is a USB MIDI interface. During the course, you will be soldering the circuit board and fix any errors that occurs. You test and see how the controller is able to control Ableton Live, hardware synths or other things, you then take a closer look at the code and how it can be reprogrammed, before you build a simple remote sensor (light sensor, magnetic sensor, touch sensor, rangefinder, sound sensor) to use with it. If we have more time, we’ll take a closer look at controlling relays (power on/off). The controller has plenty of opportunities for advanced mapping of knobs and buttons, and is designed to do what one can not with Ableton and other software packages.

• Transmits and receives MIDI via USB and/or oldskool 5pin MIDI DIN
• 4 knobs and six buttons: They can send MIDI CC or notes to make any soft/hardware synth or whatever you want
• 2 analog inputs for connecting additional knobs, light sensors, proximity sensors, magnetic sensors, connectivity through simple mini-jack cable
• CV/GATE/SYNC outputs are controlling analogue equipment, synchronizes old drum machines or switching relays, motors or lamps on and off with 2 CV/GATE outputs. (No 1v/octave accuracy…!)
• LFO: sine, square, saw, ramp, or random waveform
• 4 extra hackable inputs for even more sensors
• USB MIDI interface, can be used to control MIDI devices from your computer
• 2 presets: Each knob or switch can have two completely different functions. Programmable with toolman sysex editor or via Arduino
• Arduino compatible

Registration deadline October 3rd.

Pedal Workshop with Pladask Elektrisk 15th October at. 10-16. Fully booked. Info

This year’s hottest pedal workshops is with the pedal maker Pladask Elektrisk. This pedal has the parameters “Delay Time”, “Feedback”, “Effect Mix”, “Selfmodulation” and “Volume” plus a switch to temporarily maximize the “Feedback” parameter.

Pladask Elektrisk aka Knut Olai Mjøs Helle is a small, newly founded pedal maker based in Bergen. The company focuses on experimentation and unorthodox sound manipulation. Effect pedals are of original design and produced by hand in Bergen. Knut Olai is an educated music technologist from NTNU and has held workshops in pedal making since the spring of 2015.

Fully booked!

For all the courses you need soldering iron or soldering station (25-60 watts). The tip should not be too large (chisel shaped tip recommended). Include pliers, nippers, (un-isolating pliers if you have), and a star shaped screwdriver. Equipment can be found on eg Clas Ohlson, Jula and Biltema.


photo: BandORG