Within the Toll

Two new works by multimedia artist Camille Norment will be presented at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter September 2011. The Toll will be a unique performance presented as part of the Ultima Oslo contemporary festival programme. The other will be a 8 channel permanent sound installation for the sculpture park outdoors. Notam has been involved in the production of the latter.

The 8-channel permanent outdoor sound installation is commissioned by the Henie Onstad Art Center as part of their ‘Kunstgave’ art commissions made possible by a generous gift from DnBNOR. According to Camille Norment, “the installation alters the psychology of the space by intermittently echoing layers of sound across the clearing like a sonic memory in a call and response with itself. The fragments are taunting in their visceral quality as well as their fleeting presence. Suddenly appearing and repeating with trance-like persistence, it creates an enveloping space of reflection and perception; the sound seeks to draw one close while remaining distant and evasive like the slipping away of a dream upon awakening.”

Notam’s Asbjørn Blokkum Flø helped Norment with programming the sound playback system for the permanent outdoor installation.

Camille Norment’s work has been presented at an extensive international fine arts exhibition credits including the ListeYoung Art Fair, the Thessaloniki Biennial, Greece, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway; the Charlottenborg Fonden, Copenhagen, Denmark; the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA.; the Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY; UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway; the Bildmuseet, in Umeå, Sweden, Stenersen Museum, Oslo; Henie Onstad Kunstsenter; Oslo and radio broadcast in the Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy.

Norment’s work has been written about in periodicals such as Art Forum, Art in America, The New York Times, a feature in The Wire Magazine, and numerous other international texts.